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They are REAL - even if you think they are a scam. I am living proof and you can personally email me and find out. I wouldn't speak so highly of them if it was a lie! 

And let me be the first to tell you; after blogging and writing and posting- YES I thought it was all a hoax. You're telling me I can receive free products from this Influenster App place and I get to keep them? I'm attaching it to my Instagram and to my Facebook and I'm like "I am doing all this work and I've received na-thang (not a thing if you're not from the south..)

Any who... well this week I received my first box and I HAD to try everything. I guess that's one stipulation of receiving the free items- you have to rave about them (or not like them) but none the less, say how you feel about the products you were sent. I love them personally. My fist box- the Dazzle Vox Box came with Gold Bond lotion, Clariol Split Ends Repair and Jazzing Hair Color. Now at first I was skeptical thinking, "this is the stuff that nobody wanted and they sent it to us for us to be test rabbits -_-" Then I opened the Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance Lotion and tried it on! Hunnyyyyy I am here to tell you that my ashy elbows and dry skin is no longer living on my winter skin. I was thinking it wasn't much to care about but then I used it on the second day- (after I shaved my legs) And I felt incredibly arrogant! My legs are better than you, you, and your legs! LOL I was highly pleased and excited that something so simple as a change in lotion could make me feel invincible and confident. After the lotion- I felt better about this VoxBox thingy and gave the rest a try.

My natural journey of hair has been a long one. It's exhausting, it's stressful, it feels like I am doing it for nothing. I try endlessly any product that says "less frizz" "end damage/breakage" or even "perfect bouncy curls" and it seems by hair does what it wants to when it wants to. So trying hair products is a usual for me, even making my own products is a usual for me, and it's stressful to say the least. I washed my hair (a

hour process) towel dried it, and applied the iThrive Repair (black bottle above) especially to my ends and then my normal conditioners and serums for the rest of my hair. First thing first, it smells great. It's thick like I like my hair products because thickness = lasting = no frizz. So, I go about my normal hair routine, braid it us and tie it up for the night. The next morning, of course it slipped my mind I tried something new, but when I unbraided my hair the bounce and healthiness made me go read the back of the bottle to see what I missed. Did I do it right? Because this can't be real. I looked over my ends and they curled perfectly. My hair curls bounce and lived. This hair was giving me life! Am I pleased with the product! Yes, Yes, and a million more Yes! 

My third product - the Jazzing color my Clairol was a project. It was red hair dye and I haven't colored my hair in years so I was again skeptical about it. I opened the bottle and just put it in my hair. I just felt in my mind it's either I do it or I don't. Also knowing that this was not permanent, I felt okay that if it completely died my hair stoplight red I

could wash it out. Sadly after dying my hands more than my hair. It didn't do anything for me other than give it a faint tint of red. *** Note that I have thick jet black hair*** The product seems to work well but not on dark hair as mine. I have strong, curly, & disrespectful jet black hair and it barely colored. I will say there was a small red tint that lasted for a couple of weeks but after two washes that was gone as well. My hair laughed at me with this color to say the least. 

Overall I think all the products were great. I would love to continue to participate in such things and will look forward to the next box! 

​Interested in me trying and blogging about your products? Email me at to start the convo!

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