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Consistency in Business “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” -Jim Rohn

Consistency in your business is hard when it's not done every day - it's even harder when you're the leader, achiever, CEO, COO, VP, and accountant. One day you will have a operating team- but right now you don't so how do you survive. How do you make your time less work and more money. That's what we all want right. Solopreneur, I get it. So, let's start here.

Isn't it hard just to stay consistent with the goals you set in order to accomplish them. As a solopreneur you have to do everything. The accounting, the booking, the software updates, the monetizing, the merchandizing, the website, sell orders...

Where do I stop?

In Order to have discipline, you need to understand why you should have it and how does it effect your business? Let's jump into definitions

  1. discipline - the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. i.e "a lack of proper parental and school discipline"

2. a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education. "sociology is a fairly new discipline"

Granted, I love both definitions and love how we can further break down discipline. To be disciplined means that you are reprimanded from someone else to do what you SHOULD be doing. You should be being consistent in your social media posting in order to created more awareness and engagement with your customers/clients but who who holds you accountable when you do not. (ATS Consulting Services can hold your feet to the fire but we can talk about that in a minute ;)

If you're being completely honest with yourself; the answer is no one. You're the boss, la jefa, the alpha and omega - You're the owner wearing the 16 hats from paragraph one. When it comes down to WHO is going to make sure you stay disciplined? It's you- only you. So many of us solopreneurs are lost in the sauce because there is NO right way to do this thing called business. You have to jump straight in and make it happen. Literally MAKE IT happen. What you create, what you sell, what you market, advertise yourself, pay for promo on social media - what ever it is that you need to make happen- MAKE IT HAPPEN.

{"ATS Consulting Services is offering their $299 Let's CREATE Promo for Social Media Content Creation for only $29 starting November 1.2022 until December 31.2022. For $29 you can get 30 days of curated content for your businesses social media profile; three social profiles to posted to (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) twice a day. Email for details"}

I watch a lot of podcast and YouTube videos about entrepreneurship and how and why people do not invest in their own business more. It has come to my attention that the creation of businesses is not a necessity in light of Global Pandemic, Global Economic Status, and Global Financial Status. Having a side or second income is now NOT a "side paying job for fun/business" IT IS a main stream of income in order to keep yourself (and family) to stay above water. You have to invest time, money, and yourself in order to make what you want be what you have.

What I did gather from the reading & watching about this topic is this quick short sentence that is so clique but makes all the sense in the world. Sometimes it takes a couple of different people, saying the same thing, in different way for it to "click" for you so here it is: " You're the only one in your way." Dead ask me no questions and tell me no more lies. It's that and just that only. You are the reason the business is not as successful as you want it to be. You set the standard so it's you whom failed yourself in your own standard. YOU are the reason why people purchase your products online after you do a live video because it's YOU that people want to buy. It's YOU whom needs to understand branding and marketing for your business and have not invested the time it takes to DO THE WORK; to get a certification, or a new "service/product" under your belt.

Nothing, and I mean nothing happens over night. Those are one off. But IF you change your mindset to be that of 'every day you will do a little bit more' than you did yesterday for your business, things will get better and you will perfect your craft over time. Time will be on your side. Building your business will always be on your side. It's time to focus and buckle down. Stop waiting on the next "thing" - just do a little today and add a bit of that to tomorrow and the next day won't feel bad either.

But we're not finished sugar foot - Refer back to the 2nd definition of discipline.

"a branch of knowledge- studied..."

Do you study for your business? Do you perfect your craft? Do you know the heavy hitters in your industry? Can you teach a class on what you know?

Those question should have you in a choke hold. The first time my business coach told me that- I almost choked. She punched me through the phone, right in my throat. It hit different when you know you don't do something you KNOW you should.

Every day and every day I mean you have to commit to learn something. May it be reading a news article on your phone talking about the 'average of business owners whom are projected to be out of business in their first three to five years' or watch video/tv/youtube to discover a new system or process to help you 'retain abandoned carts customers on your website' - YOU have to keep educating yourself on the MANY aspects of business. There is NO one way a business should operate. There is no one way to market yourself. The business world and status of entrepreneurs is ever evolving. You cannot stand still and never elevate yourself.

Start today. Listen to an audiobook, read a book, go the the library and read the back quick synopsis of a book, read a magazine, watch a video, research a topic that you said you would- Unsave all those Saved "to do's". Let's CREATE.

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