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Here are example contracts that have been offered to clients in the past which encompass what majority of small business needs. These are not all inclusive or limited to; to give you an idea of the services we offer and what you can look forward to and/or need when working with ATS. We will customize your plan and needs and they will form somewhere around these list. Should you have work/needs that are not listed in these contracts below- do not worry - during your initial consult we will tailor your need and work out the best plan of attack for you and your business. 

This Full Course Consulting Plan Includes "desert". With this business plan the entrepreneur is no new kid on the block. They have gotten to the maximum growth of the business and and are attempting to no be so hands on in the business. They still want reigns on the business but wants to progress backward a tad bit in order to ensure that the business can run on its own without their expertise. They trust their partners and employees with their business and are possible opening a brick and motor location. 

This plan is for most established business owners looking for additional help since they are tied to other engagements. This business is on the rise and with the influx of customers, business is booming and things for you couldn't be better BUT there is just not enough hours in the day for everything you need to accomplish. You need someone you can trust and depend on with deep explanation and understands business. This plan has fit many clients from Event Planner, Multi-Media Production Companies, E-Commerce Based Commercial Businesses, and even Professional Chef Services. 

We call this the first bite to compare it to the dining experience of the appetizer. Some business owners need help but not too much help because they are fully aware of the business but need some fresher courses, training, encouragement, and/or additional hands for things they no longer can busy their schedule with. This plan is best fit for the new entrepreneur and the business owner who has been in the move and needing something small before diving head in first. 

You, as a business owner cannot be everywhere you want to be. Hiring a personal assistant within ATS we are your little helper when you need us. Most business owners do not want a full time assistant or associate because they do not have the time, energy, or space for it in the business on the rise. ATS comes in when you need it. We work by the hour for you when you need us for what you need. Whether if it's for an event you cannot attend and you need someone to come in your spot or you are just needing someone to sit and go over your business plan. We are here for you as you need it when you need it and IT'S AFFORDABLE!!