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Get those pesky to-do list completed today! 
Strategize. Organize. Implement.


Against the Stigma Consulting Services is one of the businesses that was created out of need. We understand how and why business owners are struggling to make it to the next task, the next opportunity, or the next level. With years of experience, in depth education, attention, and insights into their business from a professional perspective; ATS Consulting Services will help you make clear decisions to achieve the desired success you envision for your business. 


Consulting Services and Small Business Consulting came natural to her because she was always the one people would ask advice for traveling, how to make something out of nothing, employment opportunities, beauty tips, independent contracting, or any relationship issues. Though consulting was just talking then, one day a colleague suggested she turn it into her own business since her ideas were "...valuable to somebody, somewhere." Thus ATSCS was born. 

  • ​Administrative Services

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • ​Strategic Planning & Orgn

  • ​Branding

  • ​Social Media Training

  • Business Coaching

  • Corporate Development

  • Business Trainings 

  • ​Operations Management

  • ​Corporate Dealership Finance

Want to Scehdule a Meeting in person?

Give us a call at 919.275.0426 or shoot us an email @ Feel free to fill out the contact form below: 

Want to Prep Yourself before Our Meeting?

Give this guide a look and see if you have all your documents and information in order. Click below

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Speaking Events & Engagements

Want to hire a speaker for a reasonable price but an expensive message. Feel free to reach out to us to speak at your next event.

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Free Digital Download for the Small Business Owner

Here, we offer some forms and documents to get the small business owner a little bit of help. For FREE. Just download and critique for your business. 

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